Maryland Parkway
Transit Improvements 

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About the Project

Regional Transportation of Southern Nevada (RTC)


Maryland Parkway is a vital corridor for the Las Vegas Valley, extending from the South Strip Transit Terminal in the south to the Las Vegas Medical District in the north, and connecting many high-activity centers. This corridor is home to 90,000 residents, provides 80,000 jobs, and carries 9,000 transit riders and 35,000 vehicles daily.

Investments in transportation infrastructure are expected to improve mobility and safety along the corridor for all users, including people driving cars, riding bikes, walking, and using transit, all while enhancing access to surrounding areas. 

Click the video above to see some of the great new features of this project!

Project Highlights

- Enhanced transit shelters designed to improve safety and comfort
- Upgraded sidewalks widened from 5’ to 10’ at some locations
- Shared bus-bike lanes
- Landscape enhancements, including a new raised, landscaped median
- Improvements to corridor lighting including new streetlights
- Expanded transit service with reduced wait time


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Interactive Map

See the future of Maryland Parkway!
Click the two buttons at the bottom of the picture to see what Maryland Parkway looks like now, and what it will look like after construction.

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Transit Shelter Design

One of the highlights of the Maryland Parkway BRT project will be new, enhanced transit shelters.

Click below to view a video highlighting some of the features of the shelters planned for Maryland Parkway.

Transit Shelter Options

The RTC has developed a new concept for the new transit shelter design, with the goals of providing upgraded seating, lighting, and shade, while improving safety, security and comfort for those using the shelters.

Transit Shelter A

Transit Shelter A

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